Healthy eating for a happier team.

Kitchenful is the easiest way to help your team plan their weekly meals, shop for groceries and put dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less.

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How Kitchenful works

Get weekly ideas
based on deals and goals

Create a meal plan
and shopping list in seconds

Succeed at cooking
with the Kitchenful Community

Why Employees Love It

It saves them time

From grocery shopping to cooking, Kitchenful makes the entire process of eating, healthy home cooking meals faster than ever.

It helps them eat healthy

Whether it’s diet, preferences, allergies, or underlying health conditions - Kitchenful makes eating healthy possible for everyone.

It saves them money

Kitchenful's recipes and algorithms work in tandem to efficiently create meal plans that reduce food waste and keep grocery bills low.

Kitchenful makes it easy to launch a healthy eating program


With thousands of happy users and a 4.9/5 star rating on the app store, Kitchenful is revolutionizing home cooking.


Kitchenful has all of the resources you need to launch a healthy eating initiative, from onboarding materials to company wide challenges.


Our team of dieticians and customer support specialists are here to ensure your program is successful.

The Business Case

Poor Nutrition Costs

Studies have shown that the average total cost of nutrition-related diseases is over $3000 per employee, per year.

Return on Investment

Every $1 invested in employee well-being produces more than $3 in savings in direct and indirect health costs.

Healthy Home Cooking

Those who cook at home 5+ times per week have are 28% less likely to have an obese BMI.

What people love about the Kitchenful experience

Taking care of our employees has always been the number one priority for us at N26, and thanks to Kitchenful, that has never been easier. Now we are able to provide a quick and stress-free tool to our over 1,500 workers, that helps them maintain their physical well-being and keep up a healthy diet of home-cooked meals.

Valentin Stalf, CEO of N26

Our employees have reported being much healthier and happier since we started the Corporate Membership with Kitchenful. Now that everyone has access to countless recipes, meal-planning, and instant grocery shopping, overall health costs are lower, morale is higher, and we feel good knowing that everyone in our company is being well taken care of.

Erik Paulson, CEO of Vendisys

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