Our Why

Dinner is the time of the day where we all come together, interrupt each other, tip over the salt, and share our daily adventures with our loved ones.

When we grew up, and now when our kids are making fun of us- preparing food at home allows us to be sure that what we serve is of good quality and has the exact amount of avocado that our little critics enjoy.

But as we all know, time is scarce (especially as a parent!), and preparing meals for the family can be a struggle at times. And let's not get started on soccer practice lunch boxes, baking sales, or grandparents' visits.

We want to help to make cooking at home easier. And smarter.
So we've created Kitchenful.

It's an App that helps you with your weekly meal planning and shopping. You pick the recipes that you know your family would enjoy and have the groceries delivered from your trusted grocer. And don't forget the backup snack for a rainy day.

We believe that great dinners help to create great memories.
But not every night's dinner has to be memorable.
But every night there has to be a dinner.

And that's why


"food at home"

Kitchenful revolutionizes the way households shop groceries. With its all-in-one approach, Kitchenful makes meal planning and shopping a breeze.

Say hello to personalized suggestions which are tailored to your unique preferences and discover meals and products which make dinner at home fun again.

Utilizing local deals and pantry items Kitchenful empowers its users to become smarter shoppers and to prevent food waste.




We are a team of digital natives and entrepreneurs who are passionate about the future of food at home.

Join us in our mission to make home cooking easy by writing to apply@kitchenful.com